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Strong Women Programme

Programme goal: To help women believe in and value themselves, to feel empowered to face challenges, and to create new connections and experiences in their communities.

The six sessions in the programme will cover:

  • Defining “strong” – exploring and connecting to strengths, resources, culture, capabilities, and capacities
  • Strong bodies – exploring body image, socialisation, grounding, relaxation exercises, and body appreciation
  • Strong minds – exploring the stress response, the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and mindfulness
  • Strong relationships – exploring attachment and parenting
  • Strong relationships – exploring healthy relationships, compassionate communication, power, and control
  • Strong self – hopes and dreams, staying connected, growth, and development.

Building Awesome Whānau

This six-session course is packed full of ideas, positive stories from parents still on the journey with their own tamariki, and useful resources to help you build a great future for your whānau. The activities in this course cover tamariki aged 0–12 years.

Six sessions will cover:

  • Laying the foundations – building your family on aroha
  • Parents are the roof – protecting your whānau
  • The walls of the whare – boundaries to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out
  • Keeping it sweet – atmosphere is everything
  • Cool kōrero – communication
  • Outside the whare – Living in the big wide world

Seasons for Growth Programmes

We provide Growing Through Grief programmes for children and young people.

In term three 2019 we will also offer programmes for parents and adults.